Hi there! I'm Allison. Tropics chaser, photography junkie and food enthusiast.

Noon By The River is my happy corner where I get to do my two favorite hobbies, cooking and traveling. My recipes are often the result of whatever my big man and little man are craving... except desserts, those are my own addictions.

A personal goal of mine is to visit as many countries as possible and learn to cook from the locals. So aside from his part time job as my food tester, Billy is the brilliant eyes behind our traveling channel, Duty Free You & Me. He pretty much does everything production related to make our vision a reality. Little man (aka Watson, aka Bean, aka Bin Bin or whatever we feel like calling him at the moment) is our sometimes sassy, a lot of the time clumsy but mostly sweet Cheagle.


Behind every great cook are hungry sous chefs, meet mine.